Just thought I would update you on http://affiliategateways.co who I have been using for around 4 months. Payments have been awesome and early. The versatility of the gateway is secdon to none. I have spoken with the programmers of the site who are working on some awesome new features which they intend to release in the near future.

Site features are following along with a few examples of the offers.

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As many of you may or may not be aware CPAlead clones are starting to pop up all over the place. We have a massive insight into the market and what is good and what is going to be good.

A big problem with cloning a site like CPAlead is that most of the time the widget or gateway didnt unlock and hence a lot of complaints from users therefore new technology is required. The users who have attempted to download our free app using their widget will know this. They didnt listen to the complaints from their publishers either and have therefore become stagnant.

The remainder of this post is premium content.


Adscendmedia are a fantastic company who use content gateways and a download widget. In my experience they do not shave or cheat the publishers and have always paid on time. The gateways are very easy to set up and are far better than cpalead.

Affiliate Gateways

This is a new site which we have had some input into. Their gateway system and content locking is pretty impressive so far. They also have the virtual currency technology which is what a lot of reward stores use. They even have a free software section where their programmers have written custom scripts with the gateways fully integrated and are basically plug and play websites which earn you money. I have been reliably informed that the launch of this will be around the back end of October 2010

CupexMedia – what happened to them? Well it would appear that one of the competitors decided to DDos their site to the point of no return. I dont think we have seen the end of them as I have spoken with a member of staff and they are resolving some technical issues and enforcing some DDos protection. This site is basically a clone of cpalead.

I will add further sites once i get 5 more minutes

Following a recent request from one of the chaps from CPAlead we bring you the Fund Raiser App fully integrated with the Cpalead virtual currency widget from rpgapps.co.uk

Cpalead ChairtyIf you are raising money for a charity, a sports club or just for an individual who is need then this is the application for you.

Demo http://apps.facebook.com/charitydemo/

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Demo http://apps.facebook.com/freestore/

NOTE: We now have on sale the versions which integrate SRPOINTS, ROCKYOU, OFFERPAL and CPALEAD.COM.

Some users from CPAlead are making over $20,000 per month. This can be seen in the chat box on the site where the admin of the site publishes various facts from the previous day and month.

We have integrated a virtual store that has the Widget Code from CPAlead.com and database update scripts already in place for this virtual currency script.

Not only that but we have integrated the NEW facebook feed system which is to be update on 20th December 2009.

New feed stream Publish

New feed stream Publish

The above is what the user is presented with upon joining the application.

So immediately they are advertising to all their friends and family about the store. Now how you make money is very simple.

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