Developing Facebook applications is a trying and frustrating experience for many developers, myself included. My most recent frustration was getting an item to publish to the user’s mini-feed/friend’s newsfeed using Facebook.

Publishing frustrations aren’t isolated to just Facebook.; they extend to a lot of Facebook. developers out there. Here’s what I’ve learned about how to publish to a Facebook user’s mini feed:

Use the Feed Preview Console with Caution
The Feed Preview Console is a handy tool for figuring out what your published feed items may look like, but it needs to be used with caution. Why?

A number of HTML elements that can’t be rendered in the news feed via the Feed.publishTemplatizedActioncall can still be rendered using the Feed Preview Console.

I learned this the hard way; I had a feed template that included a number ofand tags and the Feed Preview Console rendered it without a complaint. However, when I attempted to publish that template I received a number of 360 and 362 errors from Facebook’s REST servers.

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New place to live lol!

4 August 2009

Well after running FacebookOriginal for a year facebook eventually decided that they didnt want me “Diluting” their well earned name Facebook. They kindly asked me to change the name of the site.

As I work and earn quite a bit of money from using their services I decided it was a wise move to comply. (This took me about 30 seconds to decided lol).

Not to worry over the next week or so I will be moving the content across from Xoops to this site. Hopefully you will find this more informative. Plus no one used the forums on the other site apart from to steal the info provided by me.

Ok well I hope you enjoy the site and learned how to make a fortune from facebook as i have.

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