This is probably one of personal favorites. The demand for these payday loans is never ending. The payouts are huge and range from $0.80 through to $135 per conversion. Marketing these through PPV is a skill that not many master. I have witnessed hundreds upon hundreds of people attempting to pop all kinds of payday loan offers on trafficvance and leadimpact and mediatraffic and not many of them have masses of success.

This landing page will confiscate the loan from almost any loan target and sell the user a different loan ( YOUR LOAN ). Now before you buy this you must accept that loans are VERY STRICT and there are certain keywords and targets you have to avoid. I have included this list within the landing page.

I will be selling these as different packages as the USA, UK and Canda all have different results for different keywords also the landing pages are a little different for each country. In addition Media traffics landing page is also different as they have different restrictions on what you can and can not do.

What do you get with this?

1. The Landing Page

2. The PAYDIRT of Payday Loans keywords and targets

3. How to find more high paying keywods

4. Probably one of the easiest installations of any payday loan landing page

So if you want to start earning between $0.80 and $135 a LEAD THIS IS FOR YOU!

As with all our products this will be on limited supply! So get it now before it sells out.

If you are serious abour making money with PPV on leadimpact or trafficvance this is one of the top performing niche’s and certainly highest payouts!


Download Here – Click here has been launched and in just a matter of days the interest from the public has been emence. It is basically a social network with all the trimmings. Taking a risk with a DISLIKE button and instead of the LIKE buttons you can BOOSH a topic.

See example above. It has all the usual privacy settings, photo uploads, games with tournaments, pages, apps, all of which is extremely adictive and viral. Why not pop along and see for yourself

Just thought I would update you on who I have been using for around 4 months. Payments have been awesome and early. The versatility of the gateway is secdon to none. I have spoken with the programmers of the site who are working on some awesome new features which they intend to release in the near future.

Site features are following along with a few examples of the offers.

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Once we have sold so many copies of our apps we normally take them off the market and the demo traffic dies off. This happens as I simply do not have time to update many of the rpg games, quizzes that require updating once in a while to maintain user interest.

I have decided rather than let these apps go to waste as I have probably more than 200 of them to lease them to a “Partner”. I also think this will help some people to decide if they really want a facebook application and to teach them what is involved in running an application.
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Free Facebook Application

22 December 2009

Free Facebook Application

To get your free facebook application simply read on and follow the instructions. The application is a pretty popular application of ours and your can get it FREE. It has all the new publish feeds and can be ammended to many different applications.

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Nooby Questions and Answers

17 December 2009

I get asked a few questions quite regularly when talking to customers. So rather than repeat myself over and over again I thought I would put down in writing the answers to the most common questions.

I have posted these in the frequently asked questions at the top of the page should you prefer to read from there.

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This game has all the new feeds integrated and is set up for CPAlead, Offerpal, and Srpoints and Rockyou. I would highly reccomend the CPALead system for two great reasons. One – the widget integrates right into the game seemlessly and offers great user experience and Secondly – when a user buys virtual points with paypal it gets paid right into your account without any commision taken from CPAlead.

Twilight RPG Facebook

Twilight RPG Facebook

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