FAQ Facebook Apps

I get asked a few questions quite regularly when talking to customers. So rather than repeat myself over and over again I thought I would put down in writing the answers to the most common questions.

Here are the questions I often get asked –

1.I have no programming skills whatsoever!  How do I install an application on facebook?

All the games, rpgs, quizzes, stores etc come with full instructions and an ebook on how to install an application from scratch. If you have never programmed an application before do not worry. The ebook we send you provides a step by step guide from start to finish and provides information on how to get the necessary programmes for you to easily install and maintain your application online.

If that fails as part of the instructions I provide you with my personal msn – so if you do get into trouble I am here to help. I would suggest you try to install the fb application yourself first.

2.How do i advertise the game or the application that I bought and will rpgapps help promote the game for me?

Firstly, I will not promote your game if I was into promoting all the games I would not be selling them to you. I have my own games with my own personal themes that I promote and use for my own pleasure (and making my own money).

Secondly, promotion of the games that I use is on various tutorials on the site. Yes you do have to pay to get some of them and some are free. I have spent many years learning how to get users quick on facebook and I value that information as do you otherwise you would not be asking the question. However, the games promote themselves and this is how in a nut shell.

The Rpg games are self promoting and extremely viral? Firstly if you do not know what viral means it is simply one user passes information about the game to another and they join the game and so on.

I have set the early quests or jobs with in all the games to help you gain more visitors and users. How does this work? Its very simple – To do quest number 1 – the user simply has to click a button and they earn 100 points or dollars. Now to do job number two they need to buy an item from the shop – however they earn a little more by doing this. Heres where it gets viral Job number 3 they earn big bucks but need have so many team members to complete the job. They can get team members by 2 methods –

a) They can invite their friends to play the game.

b) They can buy fake friends with virtual currency e.g. Cpalead offers of using paypal.

Now generally, someone playing the game is someone that is bored and should really be doing something else so if their friends are not online and do not join the game immediately the user gets frustrated and buys the fake friends anyway. BUT DONT FORGET THEY HAVE ALREADY INVITED THEIR FRIENDS! So when the users friends do eventually come online they join the game.

As the game progresses you can force the user to invite more friends and buy more fake friends by making the jobs requirement for team members higher e.g. 10, 20, 30, 50, 100 etc.

This also happens when the user fights another user. If they have 500 guns but only 3 friends then they can only fight with 3 guns. So for them to get the benefit of the 500 guns they need to invite more and more firends.

So to give the game a chance to go viral – you need only to have 10 people who then invite 10 people and they invite 10 people you have 1000 users within a matter of weeks all competiting against each other and buying your virtual cash or credits.

3.Will I need special servers to host the application or game?

Depending on the application generally you can start with a simple shared host. For things like quizzes, cpa store, riddles, jokes etc these will run happily in the background on an existing server you have. You do need PHP5 MySql for these to run.

If you are buying an RPG – you can start off on a shared host like hostgator or similair and the shared host will be ok up to around 4000 to 5000 users. You can then switch to a VPS which is capable of around 50,000 users and then upto dedicated server which should allow 500,000 user easily. To get 4-5000 users normally takes 10 weeks or so without any advertising campaigns.

So you have pleanty of time to get familiar with the application.

4.Will you provide support when facebook update their API?

If the update is simple then I generally post the update required on the site in the games comments. If it is more complex I do write the updates required in to my games and then put the upgrades on download – these are normaly around £9.99 to buy.

5.Do I get free upgrades?

No. When i create somthing new for the games and you want that feature added to your game then the upgrade is generally around £9.99 or more depending on the new item.

6. Do I buy an RPG game or another type of app?

This is a really good question! It is not up to me what you buy! I would say buy something that interests you. So if you like jokes then buy a joke app as you are more likey to keep an interest in it and if you like gaming then go for an RPG. I do not know what you prefer. Everyone is different!

7. Which ones makes the most money?

Again this varies depending on the customer. I personally prefer RPG games as the users come back week after week to compete against each other. A few of my customers are particularly good with gift apps in that they provide drinks, religous items, love nests etc none of which interest me.

8. How much do rpgapps make from their games?

None of your business. I would not be running my games and apps or paying nearly £500 a week on servers if they were not making money.

9.Will facebook get bored of developers and then just shut down the games?

I am not facebook and I can not gaurantee what they will do in the future. I do know fb do ok from the revenue and the user interaction from the apps and games. So i can not see them closing down. If I thought they were then I would stop wasting time writing new apps.

10.What is easier to install a gift app or an rpg?

They are pretty much identical to setup on facebook side of things. The administration of and RPG and initial setup is a little more work but once its done it runs on autopilot.

11. Is there an admin panel?

Yes with the exception of the jokes, horoscope, when will i die app.

12. How much time do I have to put into it to make good money?

With most the apps you do have to spend a little time to set up. To make good money I would reccomend a few hours a day putting items, jobs, quests, missions etc into your new game. Then I would play the game for half hour a day for the first week and post the news items all over my own pages and my friends pages as this is free advertising. Once you have sufficient jobs, weapons etc the game will run on autopilot.

13.Where do I get the graphics from for my new game?

There are many royalty free websites around where you can get free weapons. Personally I would rather pay for them or make them myself. The software that I would reccomend using is DAZ3D.com they have some amazing packages and premade graphics that you can manipulate and dress up to suit your game.