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Nov 18, 2010


We have been working closely with a new company based in the UK that provide a Content Locking system for their affiliates along with some fantastic features to help you make money.

The awesome Locking Script can be moved around the screen to load into small windows which is ideal for social networking sites that have restricted sizes.

AffiliateGateways has the following features:

1. Content Locker –

a) Editable – it can be changed via colour, text size, headers, your own skins

b) Moveable – it doesnt just load up in the center of the page – you can load it to the left, right, top or bottom which is ideal for social network sites that have restricted areas.

c)Cash Incentive – this is a biggy for me. This will be awesome on our cparewards store where we can now offer cash to people completing offers. The new CPAStore 4 will be released over the next few days with a facelift and this new feature. Once its complete anyone that signs up under our referal <a href=””>AffiliateGateways</a> will get the script free. So if you sign up today when the script is complete you will get a FREE copy of it. Please note CPAStore 4 will only work with <a href=””>AffiliateGateways</a>

d) Email reporting – sometimes when a user completes an offer the offer provider does not let the affiliate company know right away – sometimes it takes 15 minutes. This system allows the user to submit their email and then for them to be notified once the offer has converted. This is simply awesome in the case of Virtual Currency widgets so users playing games get an email once their currency has been updated.

e) By simply clicking a button you can now have Virtual Currency Widgets by adding a few extra details.

2.Page Frames

Page frames are a full page of offers which load up with a postback system. These are so easy to integrate into your site. I set one up in about 2 minutes for the twilight game and the stargate game which can be seen here – its a good example of the widget and the page frame on one page.

The page frames have the option to be paid by paypal for virtual currency again this is very easy to set up and no requirement for complicated api’s.

3. Banner Rotators – are as simple as that

There are many many more features. Why not pop over to the site and have a look for yourself.

We will be converting all of our apps and games across to this new network. Anyone joining through our affiliate link will be getting some of our software free including the big RPG games. Some of our games are worth over $499 each. So sign up now AffiliateGateways

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