A great way of getting traffic to your app is by borrowing other peoples traffic. What do I mean by borrowing. Well some apps interact with their users by actually telling that user to go to your application. Now finding these apps is not too hard if you think about it a little. First of all what type of application or game would send their users else where. Hmmm Treasure Hunts, Word Hunts etc… So I do a search on facebook for the word Hunt. Then click application in the left menu to filter only the applications as this is all I am interested in at present

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Any games, movie or webcam sites you have can now be monetized with the brand new cpalead adult gateway.

If you have an adult website and want to make money with it you can now monetize with cost per action (CPA) you can apply direct to their website CpaAdult or you can read more info on an info site on the subject at cpaadult.

This now allows any game that might be slightly border line or or the adult nature to be monetized. I personally have witnessed people making in excess of $20,000 in a single month using cpalead gateway. And its not just one or two their are many big winners with cpalead.

Once we have sold so many copies of our apps we normally take them off the market and the demo traffic dies off. This happens as I simply do not have time to update many of the rpg games, quizzes that require updating once in a while to maintain user interest.

I have decided rather than let these apps go to waste as I have probably more than 200 of them to lease them to a “Partner”. I also think this will help some people to decide if they really want a facebook application and to teach them what is involved in running an application.
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