Facebook Virality Proof

25 November 2009

Ok we have a little virality trick to show on facebook –


1. First copy and paste the below code into your facebook status

First copy and paste this into your profile – then press up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, b, a, enter key then press up and down then magic circles will appear! IF the Magic Circles appear go fill in this form to win big bucks http://data.cpalead.com/offer.php?id=82349877907&pub=11789&subid=winner

2. Follow the instructions in the post


Due to many requests from our users we have created a new gift app which integrates all the new feeds from facebook and is fully integrated with CPAlead, Offerpal, SRpoints.

CPA Gift App

CPA Gift App

This is an example of the outcome.

For a demo of the application http://apps.facebook.com/easterpresent/

The result on the users profile

The result on the users profile

The application has a full admin section where you can add new gifts and categories and where you decide how much virtual cash the user has to pay for the item.

It is also monetized with various adverts which is extreme easy to customize. The banner can be changed to your own gifting app.

The users can earn virtual cash using the new CPA Widget thus earning you masses of money in the mean time.

Be one of the first people to own a gift app with the new feed system! Full instructions to install from start to finish and 100% support from us!

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Due to the phenominal requests for this widget and the massive support we have received from CPAlead we can now provide a separate package which you can add to any of our facebook RPG games. If you have bought one from us in the past these files will fit right into your game without any problems.

Why is cpalead the best facebook widget – its very simple! The skins are customizable to suit your game for example see below. And secondly – when a user buys points or virtual cash through this widget you get paid right into your paypal account. CPA do not take any commision from paypal. This mean you get 100% of the money earned where as other companies take upto 20%. Since integrating this widget in our games we have trebled the money we make from them.


This is an example from http://apps.facebook.com/phantasiawars/

This game has all the new feeds integrated and is set up for CPAlead, Offerpal, Srpoints and Rockyou

We currently run quite few apps based on a similair engine with many different themes. They can all be changed or edited with your own graphics and text to make the game more unique to you and your users.

In just two days this game made over $85

Paypal Earnings

Paypal Earnings

As we are writing the games the coding is starting to become more and more unique to each app and we are nearly at the point where the game engine can be changed by simply uploading a new template. We have been working on various templates over the past few weeks and will be launching a template section on this site for facebook rpg games.

rpg application
rpg application

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Demo http://apps.facebook.com/freestore/

NOTE: We now have on sale the versions which integrate SRPOINTS, ROCKYOU, OFFERPAL and CPALEAD.COM.

Some users from CPAlead are making over $20,000 per month. This can be seen in the chat box on the site where the admin of the site publishes various facts from the previous day and month.

We have integrated a virtual store that has the Widget Code from CPAlead.com and database update scripts already in place for this virtual currency script.

Not only that but we have integrated the NEW facebook feed system which is to be update on 20th December 2009.

New feed stream Publish

New feed stream Publish

The above is what the user is presented with upon joining the application.

So immediately they are advertising to all their friends and family about the store. Now how you make money is very simple.

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Facebook App for Christmas

10 November 2009

Are you stuck for a present for your kids. Why not get them a facebook application for christmas. A typical RPG game will not only give them thousands of hours of entertainment but they can even make money while playing online.

Most people kids are on facebook now and with the RPG games that come with all the viral features, high score tables, and very customizable features. You can have a game made to suit your kids.

If you know nothing about programming just drop us a line and we will programme the game, set up the server and everything on facebook so that come Christmas Day your children or parent for that matter can start playing right away and even start making money that day.

Whilst most devs dont even read these I strongly suggest you do if you are ammending any code or creating new apps.

Facebook now have a zero tolerance and you might find ALL your apps not just offending ones vanish.

Here is a simplified version of their terms –

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