Ok as developers no matter how good or bad you are facebook are continually changing the API and various bits and bobs. These are supposed to make things easier for the users and developers but sometimes they are quite daunting.

stream publish

stream publish

This is the result as above!

From December 20th the users feeds become accessible via a different method to what was previously publish forms etc.

We have broke down their wiki and can now provide you with a working example from a php script to publish to any users feeds from within your application. continue reading »

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Another classic and very productive application for facebook which generates a multitude of revenue from the ads shown on each page.

You can add as many jokes as you like to this app by simply editing one file.  There is no SQL database for this so the resources used are minimal which makes it ideal for millions of users to use each day.

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Published by Austin Haugen of Facebook

We’re focused on creating the best ways to empower users to share with their friends, as well as providing developers with the tools they need to make applications social and add value to the Facebook experience. As a part of a greater effort to simplify the site, we’re making it easier for users to discover the most interesting content by modifying the home page stream to include two views:

* News Feed will focus on popular content, determined by an algorithm based on interest in that story, including the number of times an item is liked or commented on.
* Live Feed will display all recent stories from a large number of a user’s friends.
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New stream.Publish upgrade is now available for this facebook RPG. Note you need this for the feeds to work after 20th December. You can now also buy the CPAlead Integration package for just £9.99

As you are aware we have been working on a new mob wars – mafia wars clone rpg multiplayer game for facebook with high score tables.

We are ready to release the version 1.0 of the game.

Awesome RPG Facebook

Awesome RPG Facebook

As you can see the graphics are pretty crisp and the home page is informative to the user. A demo can be seen http://apps.facebook.com/mobstars/.

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As you know these RPG games for facebook make fortunes. We have been working on a clone of the classic MobWars and Mafia Wars.

We are adding out own twist to this game. Whilst it is not complete yet I am looking for some beta testers to mess about with it over the next 24 hours while i finish off a few bits.

This will be released for sale this week once it has been tested and I finish writing the admin panel for it.


If you could leave any suggestions in the comment box it would be appreciated.

I have started to see many of these types of applications for facebook appearing on my profile from my friends. They are obviously getting more and more popular with the users of facebook. The viral features of publishing to your profile and all your friends profiles is quite impressive.

A demo of the application is here http://apps.facebook.com/whenandhowdie/ so check it out.

We have now added the New Feeds sytem to this application so it will work beyond 20th December 2009

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Following from version 1 we have added a multi notofication to all users when a new video is added along with integrated ads from Cubics.

You will have noticed that more and more people are publishing videos to their facebook profile but no one is sending them as gifts.

So we came up with this little beauty of an app. We have also priced it so cheap that it is nearly a free facebook application.

Video Gifts
Video Gifts

You or the users can upload more videos to send to people and I have created some comments for each video where the users can state their opinions on the video.

All you have to do to upload a new video is grab the url from youtube insert it into a box and give it a caption. Thats it!


To send a video to someones profile just enter their name in the box and they will receive a notifcation that you have sent them a new video.

The demo of the app can be seen here http://apps.facebook.com/myvideogifts/