Ever wanted to buy a facebook application or ever build a fb app but didnt know where to start?

You think “I know nothing about programming, and what is PHP and what is SQL – this is all garbage to me”. Well I have wrote a small book that will take someone who knows nothing – and I mean nothing step by step to build a facebook application.

What the book tells you is all the information required to start your own Facebook Application Empire without any programming knowledge whatsoever. From dealing with facebook to get your codes required to allow you to start the application to setting a database and performing ftp. Not only does this book explain each step there are pictures of each event as it happens to guide you through each process.

It is addictive!! Setting up applications – then making money while you sleep. I still get a buzz from the simplest of applications when they make their first $1 or first £1.

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Here you will learn how you can add thousands of members to your facebook group for getting traffic. We create groups on facebook to attract more and more people.Webmasters create group to make members because ultimately they want to get traffic.

The most important thing is getting more and more members to your group so that you can post a single message, update, event or anything about your website and it will be delievered to all the members. I would like to tell you how you can get thousands of members to your group on facebook.

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Riddles TWO is unleashed

26 September 2009

We have decided to unleash Riddles 2 a little earlier than putting it on the market to see how the new feeds etc work.

The first version is doing very well and still going well. Whilst it only has around 1000 user it earns regularly.

The new version has integrated the Publish to user feed and incorporated a bit crisper theme to it.



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One of the most common questions I get asked is how do you get quality traffic very quickly to your applications.

A few clients have purchased identical scripts from myself but cant seem to get people to play them. WHY???? Is always the question. Well I decided to put together a little tutorial on how to kick start your game or application.

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A simple little script that connects to the facebook api and gets the friends lists and then displays a random photo from that list.

Read on to view the source code

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Everyone already knows how profitable an affiliate site can be. Hows about adding an Amazon store to your facebook application.

Here is a demo of exactly what we mean http://apps.facebook.com/storeexample/

Every application has some kind of theme and the good thing about the Amazon affiliate system is that you can target the store. E.g. if your application is about travel then your store can be travel based.

The source code on how to implement this store is here for immediate download for only £2.50

Tag other people in status updates

This feature was released earlier this week and is not well understood by the majority of Facebook users. For those of us that are savvy to Twitter, it’s a pretty simple transition as it functions the same way.

You call someone out or speak directly to them by typing the @ symbol and then their name in your status update or on someone else’s wall. Facebook has programmed the feature to not only tag them, but also link to the said person’s Facebook page. Once you’ve posted your tag, anyone who sees the status update will see your friends name posted as a hyperlink and have the option of navigating to his or her page.

This could be seriously useful when adding apps etc maybe we could pull friends of friends and list them in a status update and hence tag them which will notify the friends of friends about the app.

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